Green energy refers to the efficiency of energy that renewable. Green energy is the energy resources that act friendly to the environment or basically that do not pollute the environment. Green energy has proved to be better than fossils fuels, for a simple that they are environmentally friendly compared to fossil fuels.

In the US, people have greatly started improving on the use of green energy mostly in their homes. Green energy is categorized in different aspects such as solar and wave power, hydropower, geothermal power, and wind power among others. Another source of green energy in the US in waste incineration.

11% of Total U.S. Energy Production in Renewable

According to the US Energy Information Administration’s ( initial data, green energy consumption stands at around 11% of the sum of all primary energy. The hydroelectric power appears to be the giant producer of electricity in the whole of the US. The energy stands at around 6.5% of the total country’s electricity. This makes the US the fourth giant producers of green energy and hydroelectricity in the world. The other great producers of hydroelectricity are Brazil, China, and Canada.

Wind power is another main source of green energy in the US. It stands at the second position after hydroelectric power. It produces around 5.55%. This means that it produces around 226 terawatts-hours according to 2016 reliable data.

Solar power use has been increasing every day in the US. Solar power produces around 1.3% of the entire country’s electricity production. The figure is way up compared to other years as of 2017. The solar industry in the US has proved to the other significant employer of the people. More than 260,000 people in the US are now working in this industry. And the number is likely to shoot up to a higher number by the year 2022.

People opt for renewable energy sources because they are reliable and do not go off quickly, especially when the weather conditions change, such as heavy rainfall. Green energy, as we had said earlier, does not pollute the environment. They were probably making it the solely unique source of energy that needs to be adopted by several countries across the globe.

The growth of green energy mileage has marked a new era of energy exploration in the world. The United States government has always been at the forefront of broadening the use of green energy. The president’s agendas are still confined to making the US the most significant producer of green energy in the world. Renewable energy has been increasing since the year 2011, during the reign of former president Barrack Obama. In the year 2011, renewable energy production stood at around 11.7% of the total sum of US’ total national energy production. The figures were projected to increase to almost 10000 MW by the year 2012. Since then, the people in the US, including big and small firms, are heightening the use of renewable energy to reduce world pollution and to encourage other nations to participate in such motives.

After replicating the US, many countries have now turned to green energy as the primary source of electrical power. Many households and other commercial consumers are using green energy, especially in us. To enhance and promote the use of green energy, consumers buy green energy power from the firms that produce it through technology-based approach methods. The green certificates are used by green energy consumers to acquire and use green energy power. The green documents are also called green tags, which are currently available in the US and other states across Europe. These are the best, though, in which green energy consumption is encouraged. More than one million homes in the US have bought green energy certificates, and this has made many people and households to embrace the use of green energy.

It is good to note that green energy has gained more significant world influence and has made even the people in Europe to use it. More than 35 million households in Europe are now using green energy as the source f their power. Although green energy does pollute the environment in some minimal ways, it does not pollute the situation much more than other sources of electricity or control, and this makes it the best. The only alternative means of reducing environmental pollution globally.

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